Understanding WorksafeBC Part 34

Are you new to WorksafeBC's Section 34 for rope access? Do you need to figure out how to comply? Here's a quick breakdown of the regulation. WorksafeBC has approved provincial regulations for rope access work in BC. These regulations came into effect as of February 1st, 2015. This relates to any business with any kind of work at height involving the use of ropes instead of other forms of access such as bosun chair, scaffolding, swing stages, etc. We've broken down the sections to help you understand and comply with this regulation. DISCLAIMER: This is not the official WorksafeBC website. The posts below are merely our interpretation and not official WorksafeBC regulation. To make sure you comply, please visit https://www.worksafebc.com/en.

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Is your work considered Rope Access?

Does Part 34 even apply to the type of work at height that you do? Or, is your industry exempt from meeting this regulation? Read this post to determine if you need to follow Part 34. 

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Do I have to use a two rope system?

If you want to use rope access on your work site, then yes! What makes rope access such an efficient and safe method is it's requirement for redundancy and back ups. Click here to read more.

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Permanent and Temporary Anchors

There are two anchor styles you’ll work with in rope access: permanent and temporary. Learn how to determine which anchors are appropriate and safe to use for Rope Access here.

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What is a Rope Access plan and why do I need it?

Before any rope access work can commence, you'll need a plan put into writing and labelled, Rope Access plan. Go here to find out what's included and why WorksafeBC requires it.

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What WorksafeBC wants to see in your logbook.

If you happen to be graced by a WorksafeBC rep on your worksite, be prepared to show them your IRATA or SPRAT logbook as well as your certification. Click here to learn more.

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Rope Access work requires helmets-no exceptions.

Protect your noggin! Helmets used in Rope Access have specific features to ensure you're protected. Read up on what these are and how you can determine if you're using the right helmet.

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Do I need training to perform Rope Access?

Yes you do! SPRAT and or IRATA training is what you'll need in BC to do rope access work. Click here to get more information on rope access training and to determine if you need it or not.
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What you need to know about Rope Access equipment.

Your equipment is what will keep you safe so it's important that you understand everything from what gear to use, how you use it, when to inspect it, and when to get rid of it. Read here!

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How to read an equipment standard.

All Rope Access equipment used must meet a certain safety standard such as CSA, EN, ANSI, etc. This is to ensure the products that come out on the market meet a certain safety standard. Learn more here!