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What you will learn

This course includes theory and practical training. A big focus is on climbing safely while minimizing big falls (fall factors). We will cover how to perform in-depth pre-job planning so that you understand all the hazards and risks involved, and learn how to mitigate them beforehand. Students will walk away from the course with added tips on how to improve their climbing and rescue skills.

These skills help encompass a safer way to work at height that meets regulation. Topics include:

* Risk Assessments and Rescue Plans
* Regulations
* Fall Protection
* Responsibilities
* Work positioning and Techniques
* Planning and Procedures
* Anchors and Rigging
* Emergency preparedness
* Equipment and Inspections
* Fall Factors
* Rescues
* Knots
* Hauling

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Tower Training FAQ's

How long is the course?
The course is 3 days long, 8 hours each day. You’ll get an hour break for lunch each day. 
How much is the course?
This course costs $950/person.
When will the certification expire?
Your certification will last for 3 years, with a recommended minimum annual refresher training. Annual refresher courses are 1-2 days long.
Why do I need training to climb towers?
  • It is required according to the Canadian Labour Code Part 2, section 2.18
  • So you can avoid falling at height
  • If anything happens, you can self-rescue yourself off the tower
  • Or, you can rescue your co-worker off the tower
  • Training will help you recognize hazards and risks and teach you how to mitigate them before starting work
  • Become more efficient at tower climbing to avoid injuries
Why train at Pacific Ropes?

Our Tower Climbing Course is developed by our experienced instructors who have had many years working and teaching within Telecom.

In addition to their vast experience in Telecom, their background and experience in rope access techniques and NFPA, provide a holistic view of working at height. The best of all worlds are brought here so that we can give you all the tools and information you need in order to make the best decisions for yourself, your team, and your company. Our courses can be catered to ensure the training you receive is the most applicable to what you do at work.