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Turnkey design, engineering, supply and installation services. We provide netting systems for work access, containment of liquids or debris, dropped objects protection, bird netting systems, and more. Risk managed services for site protection.

Burrard Netting 11 2015

Feature Case Study

Bird Netting

We assisted our client by installing a bird netting system under a bridge in preparation for an upcoming rehabilitation project. By using rope access, we were able to install the net without implementing road closures. 


Case Study: Bird Netting

How do you prevent dropped tools?
Every piece of equipment, tool, or job supply is tied off to the worker's harness by cords and lanyards. Specific dropped tool procedures are put into place to ensure everything is tied off before, during, and after a job task.
Does rope access equipment comply to any standards?

Yes, all our rope access equipment complies to the standards set out in WorksafeBC Part 34 for rope access. You can find a breakdown of this regulation below.

WorksafeBC Part 34

Is rope access regulated?
In BC, rope access is regulated by WorksafeBC, part 34. In Alberta, it is regulated by OHS Part 41. Both regulations reference other rope access associations' standard of practice such as IRATA and SPRAT. 
How do workers get trained to do rope access?

Workers can attend training for IRATA or SPRAT certification at our training centers in Vancouver and Edmonton. Training is 5 days long. At the end of the week, if they pass their assessments, workers can begin rope access work right away as a level 1 technician. Level 1 technicians can operate up and down a rope access system, perform a simple rescue, and aid climb under the direct supervision of a L3 Rope Access Technician. Check out our training page below.


How does Pacific Ropes provide rope techs or do I need to train my staff?

If you're considering incorporating rope access into a project, we can either provide qualify rope access technicians to help you do the work or, we can train your staff to do their jobs on the rope access system. This all depends on your goals and budget. Either way, Pacific Ropes can help you implement both solutions via our Rope Access Management Program (RAMP). To learn more about RAMP, click below.


What is Rope Access?

Despite all the photos, it may be difficult to visualize how rope access is incorporated into a project. How do you estimate it and how does it work out on site? Click below to learn everything from what rope access is, to how it is safe, and to how you can incorporate it seamlessly into your next project.

What is Rope Access


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