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Here is everything you need to know about IRATA. From who they are, to IRATA membership, IRATA teams, IRATA training, and IRATA safety. Why does IRATA exist and what are the benefits of working with an IRATA member? Is IRATA training applicable to your industry? You've got questions, and we've got answers. As always, feel free to open up the chat box near the bottom right hand corner for more information.

Who are IRATA?

IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. How did they come about and why are they considered the international rope access certificating body? Read below.

Who are IRATA?



Keep up to date with IRATA news, changes in regulation (trust me, there are lots!), training procedures, and publication explanations. A few posts are listed below but click below to access the full blog!


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What is an IRATA membership and what does it mean to work with an IRATA member company? How do you know if the organization you're working with is an IRATA member? Find out here!

IRATA Membership 

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irata SAFETY

How is working under a Rope Access system, regulated by IRATA, safer than other forms of work at height? What are the safety statistics? Check out this page to find out more!

IRATA Safety

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      Considering IRATA Training?

      We offer all levels with various date options. IRATA certification may be required if you need to do any rope access work. Whether it's IRATA or another rope access certification will depend on your industry standards and/or local safety regulation. Find out more about our IRATA training and why you should train with us! Or, check out some common IRATA questions below.

      IRATA Training
      What does each level encompass and how do I advance?

      There are three levels of training in IRATA. Before advancing you need to collect a certain amount of rope access hours within a certain time period. We describe what you are capable of doing at each level of training and what it takes to upgrade on our IRATA Training page.

      IRATA Training 

      How fit do I need to be in order to participate in IRATA training?

      The IRATA training course is a very practical course. You're on the ropes 80% of the time, which requires you to have a certain level of fitness. Read up on what our recommendations are!

      Fitness Guidelines

      What happens if I fail my IRATA assessment? What do I do?

      You try again! Sometimes you fail because of a silly mistake, sometimes it means you need more practice. What it doesn't mean is that it's the end of the world. Here are your next steps if you fail. 


      What is the process for IRATA L2 or L3 direct entry?

      If you have previous work experience utilizing a two-rope system; then you may be interested in the IRATA DE program. This procedure determines if you qualify for a L2 or L3 IRATA certification.

      IRATA Direct Entry

      Can I convert my SPRAT L2 or L3 ticket to IRATA L2 or L3?

      If you're a current SPRAT L2 or L3 and have never been registered in the IRATA system, you may be eligible for a SPRAT to IRATA conversion. Find out more details and whether you qualify!

      SPRAT to IRATA Conversion

      What happens if my IRATA certification expires?

      When your IRATA certification expires, you won't be able to perform or log any rope access hours. To read more into what you need to do, click on your level below.

      L1 Expiry L2 Expiry L3 Expiry