Rope Access Services

Think of us as a multi-tool for work at height and difficult locations. Our multi-disciplined teams can accomplish many services on rope without scaffolding. Not sure if that is even possible? Take a look below at some examples!

Rope Access Services

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Construction Services

From concrete repairs, drilling, painting, asset installations, and other construction services, rope access can be an efficient method of completing this work at height.  

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Mechanical Services

Rope access can be utilized to complete electrical services, insulation, welding, and pipefitting to create an efficient method of work at height that benefits the overall cost savings of any project. 


Netting Installations

We can provide netting systems for work access, containment of liquids or debris, dropped objects protection, bird netting systems, and more. From design, engineering, supply, and install, our turnkey netting solutions can cater to a variety of problems. 

Rope Access Netting

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Inspection Services

Rope access has been the go-to method in the last decade when it comes to NDE inspection services. The quick mobilization and ease of use allows inspectors to work without scaffolding, thus creating over 50% cost savings.


Confined Space Services

Having a rescue team on standby is not only a legal requirement, it’s a firm commitment to the health and safety of your crew. Our teams help others stay safe in confined spaces, as well as perform entry for various inspection, construction, and maintenance tasks.

Confined Space

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Download our rope access brochure! Learn about how rope access works and how it can be utilized .


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Civil Infrastructure

When it comes to working under bridges and dams, access can be tricky. Many factors come into play such as traffic and environmental considerations, to name a few. Setting up scaffolding can make a simple task extremely expensive. Click below to see how rope access can solve these problems.

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Civil Infrastructure

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Industrial Locations

With our current economy, there is pressure to do more for less. Rope Access is the efficiency for work at height that reduces scaffolding costs. Click below to understand what types of trade work can be done with rope access and how this system is being utilized on difficult industrial work locations. Rope access is being used on various industrial structures including refineries, pulp mills, resource plants, and more.


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Commercial Structures

Rope access is futile unless the worker can achieve a specific task within their suspended location. When it comes to complex commercial structures, the need for various services and trades may seem impossible to accomplish with rope access. Click below to request examples of how rope access has been utilized on different urban structures.

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How can we incorporate rope access into our operations?

Depending on your objectives, you can either hire Pacific Ropes to accomplish part of your workscope on rope. Or, we can help you build your internal rope access team through our Rope Access Management Program. To learn more about the program, click here:


What is the difference between IRATA and SPRAT?

IRATA and SPRAT are the two established rope access associations recognized by local provincial guidelines (if the province has regulation for rope access). We have written a blog post outlining how they differ and what questions you need to consider when deciding which association to follow. To read this blog post, click below.

Invest in IRATA or SPRAT

How do we estimate rope access into a job?

When it comes to estimating, rope access would fit under the same category as scaffolding, cranes, person-baskets, and other forms of approach. However, it includes labour costs. So, when you are considering rope access for a portion or all of a particular workscope, you would estimate it the same way you would estimate your labour costs and hours. If you're not sure how long a job would take using rope access, give us a call! We are more than happy to help you decide if rope access should be utilized or not.


Why should I even consider rope access?

Cost savings is the biggest reason why you should consider rope access. Think of the last job you had where you and your team were sweating over the scaffolding costs. Now, imagine if you were able to complete that same job with half that cost. Rope access is the option that can make that thought a reality. In addition to cost savings, rope access can get workers into sensitive locations where environmental impact or third parties are a major concern. Mobilizing a rope access team is flexible and efficient, allowing for more scheduling options if required. 

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Not every rope access solution is a one size fits all. We can cater our options to match your goals, intentions, and motivations for using rope access. Contact us today to get started!