Confined Space Services

Having a rescue team on standby is not only a legal requirement, it’s a firm commitment to the health and safety of your crew. Our teams help others stay safe in confined spaces, as well as perform entry for various inspection, construction, and maintenance tasks. As a full service Confined Space Access and Rescue Provider, we can assist with the following services.

  • Development of hazard assessments & entry procedures
  • Confined space entry and monitoring
  • Hole watch services
  • First aid/EMR services
  • Rescue standby
  • Access systems for confined spaces

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Confined Space Refractory

Silo Repairs

Pacific Ropes assisted a local bulk terminal with internal steel liner installations. Our multidiscipline team brought an ‘all in one’ solution with rope access welders, riggers, and confined space rescue techs. We were able to lift and install structural components inside the silo.


CS NDE Inspections-BW

NDE Inspections and Structural Repairs

Our team assisted a local manufacturing facility with various NDE inspections and structural repairs using our NDE Inspectors and Welders to assist with inspections and repairs.

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CS Rescue-BW

Smoke Stack Inspection and Repairs

The Pacific Ropes team has carried out repairs to several large stacks, including visual and NDT inspections, and structural welding repairs. Need repairs, inspection, or cleaning inside a 400 foot tall confined space? We’ve done it!


CS_Penstock Inspections-BW

Penstock / Pipe / Tunnel Inspections and Repairs

Our team has executed several high profile large diameter penstock / pipe / tunnel inspections and repair projects over the years. Find out why our team is the go to provider for NDE Inspections, Robotic Inspections, Pipe Joint Repair and more.

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CS Service Corridor Installations-BW

Ventilation or Mechanical shafts inside buildings

We’ve helped complete mechanical and electrical services, from Victaulic fitting replacements to Unistrut installs and cable pulls.

CS Access-BW

Confined Space Rescue Standby

Need to gain access to a bridge girder, tank, duct work, or other confined space? We can provide the right rescue cover for your specific needs.

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