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How to Write a Logbook Verification letter

We often see students, who are loyal employees to their companies, with logbook signatures from the same Manager or Owner. This situation occurs when there is no L3 Rope Access Supervisor to sign the logbook hours. Current IRATA and SPRAT policies state that a person of authority in the company can sign logbooks to verify that a technicians' hours are accurate and have been completed on a double rope system. We wrote a blog post on how to verify hours from non L3 Rope Technicians here.

Signing multiple entries can get tedious and it may be a good investment to order a stamp with the signer's information on it. However, the Manager or Owner can also write a letter verifying the multiple entries. If you take this route, you should include this letter in your logbook for training and assessment purposes. 

 A logbook verification letter should include:

  • Company letterhead
  • Date of letter
  • Name of the rope access technician they are verifying and their IRATA or SPRAT number
  • Dates and hours that they are verifying. These should be listed the same way it's been listed in the rope access technician's logbook.
  • Verifier's Name
  • Verifier's Position
  • Verifier's telephone number
  • Verifier's signature

Here is an example of what the letter should look like:

Sample Logbook Verification Letter

Keep in mind that when there are many signatures from non L3 Rope Access Technicians, Assessors and Evaluators will be extra vigilant in approving these hours. You may be tested and evaluated more extensively than other students in your class. More questions and practical examinations may be required to test your workplace competency, your rope access skills, and your level of knowledge of IRATA and SPRAT systems.

To get a template of the above logbook verification letter, fill in the form below!