What is Rope Access?

What is Rope Access?

Based on the concept of “doubling up,” Rope Access is a system comprising of ropes and hardware that are attached to a worker in a certified Rope Access harness. Using trained techniques, the worker can utilize this system to go up, down, and transfer, all while avoiding any worksite hazards.

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FAQ's about Rope Access

How does rope access increase profits?

A rope access technician can access the worksite, complete the task at hand, and perform rescues in an emergency. Three line budget items are now condensed into one. This cuts costs and increases your profit!

Is rope access safe?

There are five components to rope access that each hold their own safety checks and balances in place. Together these five components create a synergy of work at height that is centered around one thing: safety. To read more about these five safety components, click below.

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Is rope access regulated?

The main associations that we work with here in North America are IRATA and SPRAT. Companies who choose to use rope access will abide to either IRATA or SPRAT regulations.  The requirements to follow either IRATA or SPRAT depend on provincial regulation. To find out more about each association, click below.

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Rope Access Case Studies

Curious to see how rope access can be applied to your work scope or projects? Request a case study below!


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