Rope Access certification can prepare you for many facets of rope work including; standby rescue, as a supplement to a multitude of trades, rigging, offshore work, building inspection and maintenance, and even film and television. We teach to two different certifications, IRATA and SPRAT. IRATA is a global certification, which will open up opportunities world-wide while SPRAT is our local North American certification.

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IRATA Training

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is based in the UK and it's Rope Access certification is internationally recognized. IRATA training consists of three levels of certification and we offer all three every month. Whether you are new to IRATA training, need a refresher, looking to upgrade, or need to re-certify, our in-depth IRATA training program will equip you with safer and more efficient ways to do rope access on site. Our experienced trainers are here to help you become the best rope tech you can be.

IRATA Training
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SPRAT Training

SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) is based in America and have aims to promote the safe use of Rope Access within our regulatory bodies here in North America. SPRAT training also consists of three levels of certification, which we host every month. Our methods of teaching aim to lay out the basics as clearly as possible; while inspiring you to problem solve and to be as efficient as possible. Team collaboration is essential for successful Rope Access technicians and we embody that nature within our Rope Access training.

SPRAT Training

Dates and Registration Form

We have multiple training dates each month in Vancouver and Edmonton. It takes only a few seconds to register for your next IRATA or SPRAT course with us. Register now! We're excited to have you here!

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1-day awareness course

Before committing all your time and money; why not try out the one day intro course first? Come see what this training is all about! Click below to find out dates and details.

Rope Access Awareness

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Is Rope Access even applicable to your industry? Is it a career that suits you? Click below to go through some questions to ask yourself first.

Is Rope Access for me?

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What happens after training? How do you land your first job? Here is a list of some industries that use rope access. Go to this page to sign up for our jobs list and get up to date emails on Rope Access job opportunities!

Rope Access Jobs

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What is it like working as a Rope Access Technician here in Canada? What is the lifestyle like? Click below to read some stories of other Rope Techs. Everything from how they started to the jobs they've worked on!

More Stories 


Should you commit to both? Or just pick one?

Both associations have their pros and cons. IRATA, although from the UK, is recognized internationally. SPRAT, based in North America, has a strong loyalty within the local Rope Access companies. Your first job maybe working for an employer who is an IRATA member; but, you may also find yourself later working for another company who is SPRAT loyal. To help you make a decision, read the blog post below to see how your current situation compares to these pros and cons and how you can make a decision.


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Corporate Training Program