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Gladiator Games Logo-01What is it?

Our Rope Access Games event is a 2-3 hour private team building session. During the first part of the session, we conduct a workshop focused around a rope access training topic that is applicable to your group.  Then, we lead your group into a competition game, similar to an obstacle course where they are required to use what they have learned together to beat their opposition. Any remaining time can be focused on open gym practice or just mixing and mingling over snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.


Gladiator Games Logo-01How does it work?

When you sign up for a session, we determine the experience of your team and then propose 2-3 topics that you and your team can choose to learn in your workshop. The competition team building game will be focused on the topic of your workshop but will incorporate other elements of rope access training as well. 


Gladiator Games Logo-01Why try this?

  • Learn new skills outside of the training level
  • Learn how to apply maneuvers outside of work and training environment
  • Bond with colleagues
  • Opportunity to have fun doing rope access
  • Relaxed atmosphere to indulge in some continuing rope access education!


What is the cost?

The cost for our Rope Access Games is $650 for up to 10 people. If you want to add more people, it will be $45/additional person. Corporate clients get 12% off! The cost includes the instructor-led workshop, use of all our equipment, planned obstacle course, gift certificates for the winning team, and light snacks. If you like to bring in your own food, you can. If you want us to cater to a more in-depth meal, we can do that for an additional cost. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, we can't have alcoholic drinks. But, we can hook you up with discounts at Fuggles and Warlock, our neighbourhood brewery!

Will the challenges be difficult?
Each challenge we plan will be to the experience level of the group. We will make it difficult enough to provide a challenge but not so hard that it is impossible. The challenges will consist of a variety of timed challenges, road blocks,  and puzzles; all centered around rope access maneuvers and rescues.
Can staff without rope access certifications participate?
Yes! Our workshops and challenges will be catered to the experience and levels of your group. Those without any experience will be taken into consideration and given tasks suited to their abilities!
When can these events be scheduled?

Our Rope Access Games can be scheduled during workday evenings or on the weekends. Please call us at the office to inquire about potential openings!


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