IRATA Training Program

We offer IRATA training courses for IRATA L1, IRATA L2, and IRATA L3. Our head office and training center is in Vancouver but we also have a training center in Edmonton to service the rope access Alberta Rope Access community! If you're thinking about training with us, check out our IRATA training program below.


  • You'll need to be at least 18 years of age and be able to provide government ID or passport details. 
  • You have good strength‐to‐weight ratio and average to good cardio fitness level.
  • Healthy joints and full‐function of extremities (especially hands).

IRATA Level 1


  • Minimum of 12 months as a Level 1 IRATA Rope Access Technician
  • Minimum of 1000 logged hours of rope access work
  • Valid logbook signed off by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor; or acceptable equivalent
  • Valid L1 IRATA ID card

IRATA Level 2


  • Minimum of 12 months as a Level 2 IRATA Rope Access Technician
  • Minimum of 1000 logged hours of rope access work
  • Valid logbook signed off by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor; , or acceptable equivalent
  • Current First Aid Certification (OFA 1 or higher)
  • Valid L2 IRATA ID card

IRATA Level 3

Dates and Registration Form

We have multiple dates each month in Vancouver and Edmonton. Click below to find the ones that suit your schedule the best.

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Common IRATA Training Questions

How long is the course?
The course is 5 days long. The first four days incorporates all your training, both theory and practical (although it's mostly practical). And then the last day is the Assessment day. This is when a third party Examiner, separate from Pacific Ropes, comes in to conduct your assessment.
What do I receive once I pass?
Once you pass your Assessment on the last day, you will receive a yellow copy of your Assessment form that will act as your temporary certification. This yellow copy is valid for 60 days while your ID card, certificate, and logbook (if you're a level 1) get mailed to you.
What happens if I don't pass?

Unfortunately, sometimes you may need to re-assess because you made a silly mistake or had a brain fart. You are allowed up to 60 days to re-assess. If you wait past 60 days, you will need to take the full four days of training again. It costs $550 to do the re-assessment in Vancouver and $699 in Edmonton. For more re-assessment and how to avoid the cost, click below:


What do I need to bring?
We will provide all the equipment that you will need for training. If you have your own CSA approved helmet, you may bring that but it is not necessary. If you are thinking of training in Edmonton with us, you will need to wear long pants and steel toe boots. A welcome email will be sent to you after registration with additional details!
What is the cost? Are there discounts?

The cost of an IRATA course in Vancouver is $1800 plus GST. The cost of an IRATA course in Edmonton is $2120 plus GST.

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What time do the classes start?
The classes start at 8am every day and end around 4-4:30pm each day.
Will I be fit enough?

Expect to be on your feet 90% of the time! The IRATA course is physically demanding and requires a certain fitness level. Be prepared to sweat! The courses consist of theory but will be mainly practical. Our group sizes are usually 6-8 with 2 instructors. All students receive 10% off equipment sales forever!

Fitness Guidelines

Can I do IRATA and SPRAT together?

Yes you can! We are able to train your IRATA and SPRAT curriculum during the same four training days. You will just need to do the IRATA assessment on a different day than the SPRAT evaluation. So, you will need to be available on Saturday as well as the Friday for your assessment. 

What if I have more IRATA Training questions?

There are many more questions you may have in regards to IRATA training such as what logbooks are, why they are important for upgrading, what happens if your certification expires, etc. Click below to access everything you need to know to navigate your IRATA career efficiently without any mishaps!

IRATA Training Info

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Why Train With Us?

  • Full access to our Student Resources including PacRopes training manuals, videos, tips and tricks, IRATA and SPRAT resources and more! We put the work in to make sure you receive the best training even after your course.
  • Students receive special discounts at our Equipment Shop.
  • Receive monthly emails highlighting jobs to apply for, training info for continuous education, and stories of other techs in the rope access community! These emails aim to help you be the most connected and successful rope tech you can be.
  • Meet our Instructors who have dedicated their careers to training! Our training team is just as diverse as your learning styles.
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere. The resident black labrador, Archie, is always around for snuggles and good times.
  • Need more training? All our students receive the opportunity to come back as PacRopes Training Partners. You get to help a fellow rope tech while receiving free training at the same time.
  • 10% off Fuggles and Warlock beer for Pacific Ropes students in Vancouver!!! Fuggles is our neighborhood brewery! Check out their website for the full line of their awesome and quirky beers! We love going there after a long day of training or to celebrate an assessment/evaluation. 

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I did my IRATA level 1 here and it was a fantastic experience. The facility is clean and thoughtfully laid out. Most importantly, the instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful! I love this place and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone thinking of coming here.

Big thanks to Josh and Cam for teaching a rope access newbie such as myself how to not die. Also a shout out to Don's husky, who I might dognap (shhh...)

Sara King

Quite a physically demanding course but well worth it! Super supportive staff during well booking. As for the instructors; they are knowledgeable, and patient. They take the time to make sure you have a firm comprehension of the material, as well are willing to work one on one with you to make sure get anything you're struggling with. They bring a great atmosphere and a fun learning environment.

Christopher Karg

Excellent instructor, excellent facility. Would definitely recommend some research prior to attending a rope access course. Glad I chose Pacific Ropes to train with! I feel remarkably confident after 4 training days with them.

Dan Quist

Big thanks to the staff/team at Pacific Ropes. The office admin made everything seem less and were very helpful with questions and concerns.

The training provided by Don and Josh was legendary. They made it fun and made sure we learned proper efficient technique and challenged us throughout the week. I would recommend taking the course here and will be coming back for course refreshers or recertifications. I won’t be looking to go anywhere else now that I have found these guys.

Pacific Ropes feels like a home away from home now!

Tristan Tafel

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