IRATA L3 Study Guide

The IRATA L3 course is extensive! You're expected to be competent in everything you've learned up until now and more! IRATA L3's have added responsiblities on the work site, so it's not unexpected that the IRATA L3 course is comprehensive. It's designed to ensure you're prepared for work. To help you master the L3 curriculum, as laid out in the TACS, this study guide is designed to make it easy for you to jump from one topic to another so that looking up information is quick and efficient. Each post describes what you're expected to know and demonstrate during your assessment. But utlimately, this guide was created to assist you when you're out in the field. So when someone on your team has a technical question, you know where to find it.

IRATA System
Selection of Access Method
IRATA Access
Exclusion Zones-1
Exclusion Zones
Legal Framework-1
IRATA Framework
Selection of Personnel
IRATA Personnel
Emergency Planning-1
Emergency Planning
Hazard Identification and RA-1
Method Statements-1
Method Statements
First Aid Suspension-1
First Aid
Back up Devices (4).png
Work Seats
Work Seats
Deviations (1)
Passing mid rope knots (1)
Passing Knots
Passing mid rope pro
Passing Mid-Rope Pro
Rope to Rope
Rope to Rope
Edge Obstructions
Edge Obstructions
Horizontal Aid Climbing
Horizontal Aid Climbing
Fall arrest equipment
Fall Arrest
Vertical Aid Climbing
Vertical Aid Climb
Rescue casualty on descent (2)
Rope to Rope Casualty (1)
Rope to Rope with Casualty
Mid-rope knots with casualty
Mid-Rope with Casualty
Rescue casualty on ascent
Rescue from Ascent Mode
Small Reanchor with Casualty
Re-anchor with Casualty
Tensioned ropes for rescue
Tensioned Ropes Rescue
Passing deviation with a casualty
Deviation with Casualty
Mid-transfer rescue
Mid-Transfer Rescue
Selection of Equipment
Equipment Selection
Detailed and Interim Inspections
Interim Inspections
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Maintenance
Assembly of Personal Equipment
Personal Equipment
Pre-Use Checks
Pre-use Checks
Anchor Selection
Anchor Selection
Deviations 6.4.8
Rigging Deviations
Vertical Fall Arrest
Vertical Fall Arrest
Knots and rope handling
Knots and Rope Handling
Rope Protection and Hazards
Rope Protection Hazards
Retrievable Rigging
Retrievable Rigging
Tensioned Lines
Tensioned Lines
Basic Anchor System
Basic Anchor System
Re-anchors 6.4.7
Rigging Re-anchors
Work Restraint Lines
Work Restraint Lines
Lowering Systems (1)
Complex Rescue
Complex Rescue
Hauling Systems
Cross Haul (1)
Cross Hauls
Rescue from Aid Climb
Rescue from Aid Climb
Rescue from Fall Arrest
Rescue from Fall Arrest
Rescue from Aid climb-short connection
Rescue Aid Climb-Short