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Upgrading to Level 2 or Level 3

So you're thinking about upgrading to Level 2 or Level 3 (IRATA or SPRAT)? Or you may have just registered with us for your upgrade training. Before you attend training, here are a few reminders that will help prepare you for the week:

  • Make sure you review all theory and practical components of your current level. It is expected that you are competent with all requirements of your current level before you show up for your upgrade course. There will be many new things to learn during your training and we will have no time to review previous level requirements. So, please make sure you go through the syllabus of your current level and make sure you can complete everything successfully. A good place to start is our Student Resources page.

Student Resources

  • What happens if I can't complete everything at my current level? You have a few options! If scheduling works out, make sure you attend our open gym nights. They happen about once a month and can be found on our Facebook Event page. We host them just to give you the opportunity to practice. So take advantage of them! Your second option is to sign up for a refresher course. These happen along side of our current training sessions. If you have already registered for your upgrade with us, the refreshers before your training are free! Otherwise, you pay $200 for a full day or $100 for a half day. But if you then sign up for your upgrade with us after, then we'll take your refresher amount and take it off the price of the full course! Basically, if you train with us, your refreshers are free! The third option is to sign up for our On-Call Free Training list! Sometimes we have an odd number of students upgrading, which isn't ideal because we want them to have a training partner at their level during the week. So, when this happens, we'll reach out to the On-Call Training list and see who is available to come train with the student who is upgrading. You'll get some extra training and the upgrading student will get someone to train/practice with. Win win! To sign up for this list, click here.

**COVID Update: Due to our new COVID measures, we cannot accommodate open gyms. We may be able to assist on getting you a refresher. Please contact us or send us a message through our chat to request a refresher.

  • You can refresh your skills via the videos on our YouTube channel here.
  • Confirm that your current certification is valid on the day of your assessment.
  • Make sure by the time you show up for training, you will have at least 1 years' experience and 1000 working hours recorded and signed off in your logbook. One year is calculated exactly one day after your previous assessment date. For example, if you assessed last time on April 1, 2016, your upgrade assessment has to be at least April 2, 2017 or later. To make sure you have been filling your logbook correctly, refer to this post.
  • BRING YOUR LOGBOOK ON THE FIRST DAY OF TRAINING! This will give us time to make sure everything is ready for the Assessor. If we need to follow up with some of your signatures, this will give us time to do so. If you have no logbook, you will not be assessed. You can still train and we will keep your money, but then you'll have to pay and come back again later when you have your logbook. So, you might as well make sure you have your logbook the first time around! If you have lost your logbook, this post will tell you how you can get it back.

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If you plan to sign up for your L2 or L3 upgrade/re-certification with us, we will send you an email beforehand, outlining the things to do to help you prepare for your upgrade. Working on the activities in this email will set you up for success during your training week and assist in your continual development as a rope access technician!

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