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NEW IRATA TACS Updates: Failed Assessments

Copy of IRATA Direct Entry (3)

IRATA has recently updated its training requirements in its Training, Assessment, & Certification Scheme (TACS) manual.

The question we will discuss in this post is: Can assessments continue at a lower level if a candidate fails when attempting to recertify or upgrade their IRATA certification? (Sections 9.4.3, 9.4.4,9.4.5 and 9.4.6)

In the past, candidates who were unsuccessful in their assessments for upgrade or recertification were able to continue the assessment at a lower level, upon assessor approval. There was potential to obtain a new certification at a lower level on the same day.

The new TACS outlines a change in procedure: participants will no longer be permitted to continue an assessment at a lower level if they fail due to a major discrepancy. Instead, they must reschedule a new assessment within the 60-day window after the course is taken, while their training is still valid.

Assessments may continue for the purpose of downgrading in the following scenarios:

  • A candidate is attempting a level 2 or level 3 re-validation.
  • The candidate failed because of a third minor discrepancy.
  • When downgrading, the relevant items transferred to the lower level do not result in more than 2 discrepancies

Downgrades are subject to the following:

  • If a candidate passes relevant items on a re-certification, but does not pass the assessment, the passed items will be carried over to the lower level assessment.
  • Any failed minor discrepancies that are only required at an Awareness level will not be passed down to the lower level assessment. These items may be re-taken at the lower level, if required.

The following guidelines remain unchanged in the new TACS version:

  • When a candidate fails an assessment for revalidation, their current certification will not remain valid.
  • When a candidate fails an upgrade assessment, their existing certification will remain valid until its expiration date.

We hope this clarifies this section of the TACS update for you!! FYI, this is not the official IRATA website or blog. So, always refer to the actual TACS document on the IRATA website for the official wording. If you have any questions, please email us or chat with us!


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