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What happens if you fail? You do a Re-assessment!

A fail occurs during your Assessment or Evaluation when you’ve committed either three minor or one major discrepancy. What now? First, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not the first to fail an assessment and you certainly won’t be the last. Failing an assessment does not define whether you are a good rope tech or not. It's another opportunity to learn, improve, and to be better. Here is quote that I came across in a book that I've been reading (Principles by Ray Dalio).

"If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing your limits, and if you’re not pushing your limits, you’re not maximizing your potential."

Having witnessed many Assessments and Evaluations here at PacRopes plus going through one myself, I understand the pressure of needing to pass. Whether it's because you were promised a raise for a successful upgrade or you don't want to be the one person on your team that didn't pass, there are many reasons we turn up the heat on ourselves.

Failing or any kind of hardship and pain forces us to examine ourselves and to evaluate. When we re-evaluate, we pinpoint our barriers, find ways to knock them down, and then try again. Each time we try again, we're are better than before. It's not easy to do this as it requires us to put our ego and pride aside, which, seems impossible to do sometimes. 

When it comes to training, evaluations, and assessments, you don't have to be alone in this journey. Our Trainers, Assessors, and Evaluators unite over the common goal of making better technicians, in turn, creating a higher caliber rope access industry. So when you fail, we're not trying to punish you or make you feel horrible. It's just another opportunity to grow.

So if you fail your Assessment or Evaluation, you get another chance. Your Assessor and/or Evaluator will sit you down, talk about what went wrong and offer advice as to what will help you be successful next time. Then, please make sure you touch base with your Trainer and have the same conversation. Take as much advice in as you can so you can help better prepare yourself next time.You’ll be given a 60 day window to come back to satisfy any requirements for further training assigned by your Assessor and give your Assessment another shot. 

After you've had a chance to talk to your Trainer and Assessor/Evaluator, come talk to us in the office! We'll figure out the next available date for your re-assessment which includes two days of additional training regardless of what was recommended, just to make sure you’re ready. We aim to support all our techs through every step of the certification process.

Any additional training requirements will be written right on your assessment form, and on re-assessment day your Assessor will verify that they’ve been satisfied. That means you will need to bring a copy of your previous assessment with you to re-assessment. Don’t forget it! This is mandatory.

If more than 60 days has passed since your first failed assessment, you’ll need to attend another full 4-day training course for the level you’re attempting certification. This would be an expensive option, so it’s best to do what you can to stay inside of that 60-day window. 

There’s one other option you should be aware of:

If the assessment you failed was for an upgrade, during that same assessment you could ask for permission to renew your current certification instead. So for example, if you failed an upgrade assessment for IRATA L3, you may have the option of using that assessment to recertify as an IRATA L2. It will be up to the assessor’s discretion whether they give you this opportunity, but it is an option.

To read the source text for this blog, please refer to 4.7 in the TACS. If you have any additional questions, please free to send us an email.

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